Monster Jobs : Admin/Secretarial <span><b>Company: </b>KEO International Consultants<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree&#x2C; Diploma<br><b>Experience: </b>5 to 10<br><b>location: </b>Doha<br><b>Ref: </b> 14257595<br><b>Summary: </b> We are currently seeking a qualified Bilingual Secretary, fluent in both verbal and written English and Arabic. To provide all the secretarial and administrative support to....</span> 2013-11-17 13&#x3A;40&#x3A;12 Bilingual Secretary (English/Arabic) <span><b>Company: </b>Gates Engineering & Services<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>2 to 6<br><b>location: </b>Muscat<br><b>Ref: </b> 14400957<br><b>Summary: </b> Urgently Hiring -Sales coordinator with 2-3 years experience in Hose /Hydraulics Industry. <br></span> 2013-12-17 10&#x3A;31&#x3A;06 Sales Coordinator-Omani National <span><b>Company: </b>MENA Recruit<br><b>Qualification: </b>High School or Equivalent<br><b>Experience: </b>2 to 12<br><b>location: </b>Dubai<br><b>Ref: </b> 14851231<br><b>Summary: </b> Our client, a leading international law firm is looking for an experienced receptionist for their head office.<br></span> 2014-03-12 16&#x3A;48&#x3A;07 Receptionist <span><b>Company: </b>Propel Consult<br><b>Experience: </b>0 to 10<br><b>location: </b>Other - Qatar<br><b>Ref: </b> 15917874<br><b>Summary: </b> Lab TechnicianLocation:QatarCategory:Not Set&nbsp; Salary:&euro;Negotiable--> Ref No:12208 Last Updated:11-10-2014 ....</span> 2014-10-12 08&#x3A;21&#x3A;47 Lab Technician <span><b>Company: </b>Propel Consult<br><b>Experience: </b>0 to 10<br><b>location: </b>Other - Qatar<br><b>Ref: </b> 15967489<br><b>Summary: </b> ReceptionistLocation:QatarCategory:Not Set&nbsp; Salary:&euro;Negotiable--> Ref No:12258 Last Updated:23-10-2014 ....</span> 2014-10-24 08&#x3A;20&#x3A;38 Receptionist <span><b>Company: </b>Pace<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree&#x2C; Master's Degree&#x2C; Diploma<br><b>Experience: </b>8 to 15<br><b>location: </b>Riyadh<br><b>Ref: </b> 16258793<br><b>Summary: </b> To provide the Administration Department assitance in the implementation of administrative and HR functions <br></span> 2014-12-22 13&#x3A;01&#x3A;58 Human Resources Officer/Administrator <span><b>Company: </b>Confidential<br><b>Experience: </b>5 to 7<br><b>location: </b>Dubai<br><b>Ref: </b> 16271283<br><b>Summary: </b> DCI is a private company close to the French Ministry of Defense, created in 1972 to carry the military sales equipment for foreign countries. DCI ensures the transfer of French military know-how acr<br></span> 2015-02-26 00&#x3A;00&#x3A;00 TRILINGUAL ADMINISTRATIVE AND ACCOUNTING ASSISTANT (H/F) <span><b>Company: </b>Kawader Human Resources Consultancy<br><b>Qualification: </b>High School or Equivalent&#x2C; Diploma&#x2C; Certification/Professional qualification<br><b>Experience: </b>9 to 19<br><b>location: </b>Abu Dhabi<br><b>Ref: </b> 16271855<br><b>Summary: </b> Provide efficient and responsive administrative, organizational, and logistical service to the CEO and when....</span> 2014-12-25 12&#x3A;12&#x3A;00 Office Manager <span><b>Company: </b>Frontier IQ<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>3 to 6<br><b>location: </b>Dubai<br><b>Ref: </b> 16368947<br><b>Summary: </b> Our client, a customer service agency, specialized in serving the exclusive niche markets of the luxury industry and the premium automotive sector, is looking for a Project Assistant.<br></span> 2015-01-19 15&#x3A;11&#x3A;06 Project Assistant - Excellent Arabic and English speakers <span><b>Company: </b>Confidential<br><b>Experience: </b>10 to 15<br><b>location: </b>Riyadh<br><b>Ref: </b> 16410014<br><b>Summary: </b> For our Riyad Office office, we’re looking for a TRILINGUAL ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT (M/F) with French In our Saudi Arabian office and reporting directly to the General Manager, you are the warran<br></span> 2015-02-26 00&#x3A;00&#x3A;00 TRILINGUAL ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT (M/F) (H/F) <span><b>Company: </b>Frontier IQ<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>3 to 7<br><b>location: </b>Ras Al Khaimah<br><b>Ref: </b> 16429822<br><b>Summary: </b> Personal Assistant, preferably Lebanese for very important client.<br></span> 2015-02-02 19&#x3A;47&#x3A;33 Personal Assistant - Ras Al Khaimah <span><b>Company: </b>Saudi Consolidated Engineering Company<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>1 to 3<br><b>location: </b>Dammam&#x2C; Other - Saudi Arabia<br><b>Ref: </b> 16431204<br><b>Summary: </b> At least 1 yr related experience in Secretarial or Administration functions.<br></span> 2015-02-03 10&#x3A;36&#x3A;16 Secretary - Female <span><b>Company: </b>AL MANSOOR ENTERPRISES<br><b>Qualification: </b>Certification/Professional qualification<br><b>Experience: </b>3 to 5<br><b>location: </b>Abu Dhabi<br><b>Ref: </b> 16433927<br><b>Summary: </b> Bachelors degree or Diploma holder...Administration/secretarial experience. Excellent communication skills in English (reading, writing and spoken). Excellent typing....</span> 2015-02-03 15&#x3A;18&#x3A;09 Office Administrator to CFO <span><b>Company: </b>Sobha Group<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>2 to 4<br><b>location: </b>Dubai<br><b>Ref: </b> 16445349<br><b>Summary: </b> High-level(administrative)support for preparing statistical reports,handling information requests,dept,follow up,performing clerical functions such as preparing correspondence, receiving visitors, arranging....</span> 2015-02-05 11&#x3A;54&#x3A;13 Executive Secretary to CFO <span><b>Company: </b>Urbacon International Company<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>2 to 8<br><b>location: </b>Other - Qatar<br><b>Ref: </b> 16447043<br><b>Summary: </b> 2 - 3 years of relevant experienced in logistic operations, female and arab nationality only, must be in qatar, 25 - 40 years old and can join immediately.<br></span> 2015-02-05 15&#x3A;10&#x3A;15 Secretary <span><b>Company: </b>Al Ain University<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>2 to 5<br><b>location: </b>Al Ain<br><b>Ref: </b> 16459817<br><b>Summary: </b> .<br></span> 2015-02-08 17&#x3A;47&#x3A;50 Office Coordinator (Female) <span><b>Company: </b>Cummins Middle East FZE<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>3 to 6<br><b>location: </b>Doha<br><b>Ref: </b> 16459847<br><b>Summary: </b> Provide effective Admin services for Cummins employees in the Middle East. <br></span> 2015-02-08 18&#x3A;34&#x3A;09 Receptionist - Qatar ( Arabic speaker) <span><b>Company: </b>Mubarak And Brothers Property And Financial Investments LLC<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>2 to 2<br><b>location: </b>Abu Dhabi<br><b>Ref: </b> 16461087<br><b>Summary: </b> Looking for a Property Executive Assistant. Candidate will be working closely with Director - Asset Management<br></span> 2015-02-09 11&#x3A;01&#x3A;57 Property Executive Assistant <span><b>Company: </b>Al Noor Hospital<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>1 to 5<br><b>location: </b>Abu Dhabi<br><b>Ref: </b> 16461268<br><b>Summary: </b> Provide effective documentation and Coordination of the department functions as well as effective administrative support to the reporting Director. The candidate should be able to ensure the....</span> 2015-02-09 11&#x3A;26&#x3A;08 Executive Secretary <span><b>Company: </b>Confidential<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>5 to 10<br><b>location: </b>Dubai<br><b>Ref: </b> 16473620<br><b>Summary: </b> Head of Administration <br></span> 2015-02-11 13&#x3A;57&#x3A;04 Head of Administration (Only Arab National) <span><b>Company: </b>Confidential<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>7 to 17<br><b>location: </b>Abu Dhabi<br><b>Ref: </b> 16475278<br><b>Summary: </b> Role summaryTo manage specified on-site and remote site facilities management services, operation, on-site and off-site teams and projects.<br></span> 2015-02-11 16&#x3A;40&#x3A;49 Facilities manager (FMCG) - Abu Dhabi <span><b>Company: </b>Live Connections<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>2 to 6<br><b>location: </b>Other - Qatar<br><b>Ref: </b> 16489119<br><b>Summary: </b> Manage Admin responsibilities<br></span> 2015-02-14 10&#x3A;36&#x3A;49 Admin Coordinator <span><b>Company: </b>MENA Recruit<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>3 to 10<br><b>location: </b>Riyadh<br><b>Ref: </b> 16491977<br><b>Summary: </b> Our client, a leading international professional services firm is looking an Arabic Secretary with fluent English. <br></span> 2015-02-15 16&#x3A;24&#x3A;32 Arabic Secretary <span><b>Company: </b>MENA Recruit<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>1 to 5<br><b>location: </b>Riyadh<br><b>Ref: </b> 16492011<br><b>Summary: </b> Our client, a leading international professional services firm is looking a native Arabic Receptionist with fluent English. He must have a transferrable Iqama. Must have a positive and enthusiastic....</span> 2015-02-15 17&#x3A;18&#x3A;30 Receptionist <span><b>Company: </b>Confidential<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>8 to 12<br><b>location: </b>Dubai<br><b>Ref: </b> 16499159<br><b>Summary: </b> We are seeking to recruit Project Coordinator for our operational office based in Dubai, UAE. <br></span> 2015-02-17 12&#x3A;13&#x3A;15 Project Coordinator <span><b>Company: </b>BUKHATIR GROUP<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree&#x2C; Master's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>2 to 10<br><b>location: </b>Sharjah<br><b>Ref: </b> 16512105<br><b>Summary: </b> MALE SECRETARY Knowledge of MS Office, Filing, Management of emails, Effective control of correspondence received and dispatched, Collation of information for reports / meetings,....</span> 2015-02-19 16&#x3A;51&#x3A;28 Executive Secretary <span><b>Company: </b>SOS Employment Services<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>1 to 4<br><b>location: </b>Abu Dhabi<br><b>Ref: </b> 16512279<br><b>Summary: </b> Receptionist<br></span> 2015-02-19 17&#x3A;13&#x3A;31 RECEPTIONIST <span><b>Company: </b>MENA Recruit<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>2 to 8<br><b>location: </b>Dubai<br><b>Ref: </b> 16522276<br><b>Summary: </b> Our client, an international professional services firm are looking for an HR Assistant for a maternity cover role. <br></span> 2015-02-22 18&#x3A;43&#x3A;22 HR Assistant <span><b>Company: </b>Talal Abu Ghazaleh Recruitment And Human Resources Development<br><b>Experience: </b>1 to 3<br><b>location: </b>Other - Jordan<br><b>Ref: </b> 16522668<br><b>Summary: </b> Job ID 893 Administartive Assistant Posted Date 06-Aug-2012 ....</span> 2015-02-23 05&#x3A;00&#x3A;49 Administartive Assistant <span><b>Company: </b>Sofomation Limited<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree&#x2C; Diploma<br><b>Experience: </b>6 to 12<br><b>location: </b>Muscat<br><b>Ref: </b> 16525479<br><b>Summary: </b> Minimum 7 years of related experience as secretary/assistant in Construction Company.<br></span> 2015-02-23 15&#x3A;09&#x3A;55 Administrative Assistant to General Manager – OD <span><b>Company: </b>Cummins Middle East FZE<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree&#x2C; Master's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>4 to 7<br><b>location: </b>Dubai<br><b>Ref: </b> 16529685<br><b>Summary: </b> Assisting the Managing Director with all administration and secretarial work.<br></span> 2015-02-24 12&#x3A;24&#x3A;27 Personal Assistant to MD <span><b>Company: </b>Win Win Hr Consultancy<br><b>Qualification: </b>High School or Equivalent&#x2C; Bachelor's Degree&#x2C; Diploma<br><b>Experience: </b>1 to 2<br><b>location: </b>Abu Dhabi<br><b>Ref: </b> 16530084<br><b>Summary: </b> We are looking for Receptionist / Telephone Operator– Abu Dhabi (UAE National) for one of leading Certification company.<br></span> 2015-02-24 13&#x3A;01&#x3A;45 Receptionist / Telephone Operator– Abu Dhabi (UAE National) <span><b>Company: </b>Adecco Middle East<br><b>Qualification: </b>High School or Equivalent&#x2C; Bachelor's Degree&#x2C; Master's Degree&#x2C; Doctorate&#x2C; Diploma&#x2C; Certification/Professional qualification<br><b>Experience: </b>2 to 12<br><b>location: </b>Abu Dhabi&#x2C; Dubai<br><b>Ref: </b> 16535279<br><b>Summary: </b> Our client, a semi government entity is seeking to....</span> 2015-02-25 12&#x3A;33&#x3A;23 Administrator-12 months(renewable) <span><b>Company: </b>Al Khoory Automobiles<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>3 to 5<br><b>location: </b>Dubai<br><b>Ref: </b> 16537517<br><b>Summary: </b> Candidate should be a Bachelor degree holder having minimum 3 years of experience as a receptionist. English/Arabic (bilingual) speaking is an added advantage.<br></span> 2015-02-25 14&#x3A;41&#x3A;19 Receptionist <span><b>Company: </b>Tarwada Cargo Transport LLC<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>4 to 5<br><b>location: </b>Dubai<br><b>Ref: </b> 16544743<br><b>Summary: </b> The Administration will assist the company in handling all admin functions, logistics, Fleet Management. Should have 3-4 years of experience in admin function.<br></span> 2015-02-26 11&#x3A;00&#x3A;30 Admin Officer - European Nationality <span><b>Company: </b>Tarwada Cargo Transport LLC<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree&#x2C; Certification/Professional qualification<br><b>Experience: </b>3 to 8<br><b>location: </b>Dubai<br><b>Ref: </b> 16544877<br><b>Summary: </b> Looking for an Female Executive Secretary (European Nationality) to the Managing Director for a Leading group. <br></span> 2015-02-26 11&#x3A;14&#x3A;22 Executive Secretary - for Managing Director - European Nationality <span><b>Company: </b>Adecco Middle East<br><b>Qualification: </b>Diploma<br><b>Experience: </b>5 to 15<br><b>location: </b>Abu Dhabi<br><b>Ref: </b> 16547102<br><b>Summary: </b> Adecco are recruiting for a very high profile client in Abu Dhabi for an Assistant Administrator on a full time basis. Must have perfect English. <br></span> 2015-02-26 15&#x3A;33&#x3A;48 Assistant Administrator - Abu Dhabi - Permanent <span><b>Company: </b>Confidential<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>2 to 5<br><b>location: </b>Dubai<br><b>Ref: </b> 16548448<br><b>Summary: </b> Assist Executives run the organization smoothly.<br></span> 2015-02-26 18&#x3A;09&#x3A;23 Executive Secretary <span><b>Company: </b>MENA Recruit<br><b>Qualification: </b>High School or Equivalent<br><b>Experience: </b>2 to 12<br><b>location: </b>Muscat<br><b>Ref: </b> 16548899<br><b>Summary: </b> Our client, an international law firm are wishing to recruit a secretary for their Oman office.<br></span> 2015-02-26 19&#x3A;36&#x3A;38 Legal Secretary <span><b>Company: </b>Abu Dhabi University<br><b>Experience: </b>2 to 3<br><b>location: </b>Other - United Arab Emirates<br><b>Ref: </b> 16550362<br><b>Summary: </b> Job Summary:Reporting to the Director of Academic Programs for Military Colleges, the Administrative Assistant will effectively manage correspondence, documentation, filing and other affairs of the Military Program, in....</span> 2015-02-27 11&#x3A;17&#x3A;50 Temporary Administrative Assistant - Military Programs en 2015-02-28 2015-02-28 Jobs