Monster Jobs : Telecom/ ISP <span><b>Company: </b>Confidential<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree&#x2C; Diploma<br><b>Experience: </b>0 to 2<br><b>location: </b>Other - Qatar<br><b>Ref: </b> 18951281<br><b>Summary: </b> Data Center Operator for Qatar is responsible of reporting and assisting the Service Desk Engineer<br></span> 2016-07-01 17&#x3A;53&#x3A;24 Data Center Operator <span><b>Company: </b>Convate Consultancy Services Private Limited<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree&#x2C; Master's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>7 to 15<br><b>location: </b>Al Kuwait<br><b>Ref: </b> 21030043<br><b>Summary: </b> Greetings from Convate!!! I am glad to share an opportunity with you for one of our client @ Kuwait <br></span> 2017-07-22 14&#x3A;01&#x3A;42 Conveyor Team Leader(Technician) with a service based company @ Kuwait <span><b>Company: </b>Ace Management Concepts<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>3 to 6<br><b>location: </b>Dubai<br><b>Ref: </b> 21085993<br><b>Summary: </b> Port control room operations, monitoring vessel movements, communicate with vessel, provide support for pilotage operations, berthing and unberthing.<br></span> 2017-08-01 15&#x3A;53&#x3A;44 Radio Officer, Onshore (Male) <span><b>Company: </b>Hatco for Trading and Contracting Qatar<br><b>Qualification: </b>High School or Equivalent&#x2C; Bachelor's Degree&#x2C; Diploma&#x2C; Certification/Professional qualification<br><b>Experience: </b>4 to 14<br><b>location: </b>Other - Qatar<br><b>Ref: </b> 21130157<br><b>Summary: </b> Telecom Technician/ Riggers <br></span> 2017-08-10 21&#x3A;41&#x3A;02 Telecom Technician <span><b>Company: </b>Engineers Wanted<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>5 to 10<br><b>location: </b>Dubai<br><b>Ref: </b> 21349402<br><b>Summary: </b> We have urgent requirement for the following positions in UAE. 1.IT professional 2.GIS software professional 3.Java/J2E developer <br></span> 2017-10-04 10&#x3A;22&#x3A;44 IT professional ,GIS software professional ,Java/J2E developer <span><b>Company: </b>Tornado Technology Services<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>3 to 4<br><b>location: </b>Abu Dhabi<br><b>Ref: </b> 21465852<br><b>Summary: </b> A Vacancy for Project Engineer / Project Manager in UAE - Abu Dhabi with Min 3 years Experience and Low current system Project Engineer in the field of CCTV, ACS, Public address, SMATV,....</span> 2017-11-01 14&#x3A;53&#x3A;32 Project Engineer / Project Manager <span><b>Company: </b>Engineers Wanted<br><b>Qualification: </b>Master's Degree&#x2C; Doctorate<br><b>Experience: </b>4 to 14<br><b>location: </b>Other - Saudi Arabia<br><b>Ref: </b> 21508402<br><b>Summary: </b> We have urgent requirement for the following positions in Saudi Arabia. 1. Partner (Consultant Leader)– Telecom Industry. 2. Principal. 3. Telecom Industry....</span> 2017-11-10 12&#x3A;52&#x3A;46 Telecom Reqts - Partner,Principal,Telecom Industry Expert,Manager,Sr. Consultant. <span><b>Company: </b>Engineers Wanted<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree&#x2C; Master's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>10 to 20<br><b>location: </b>Dubai<br><b>Ref: </b> 21553805<br><b>Summary: </b> A Telecom Company in UAE requires a Project Manager for Mobile Money.<br></span> 2017-11-21 15&#x3A;55&#x3A;56 Project Manager - Mobile Money <span><b>Company: </b>Fortis HR FZE<br><b>Qualification: </b>High School or Equivalent<br><b>Experience: </b>3 to 10<br><b>location: </b>Jeddah&#x2C; Riyadh<br><b>Ref: </b> 21554381<br><b>Summary: </b> The role holder will have extensive knowledge and expertise on all aspects of IP network routers, peripherals and routing protocols. He will be required to proactively identify....</span> 2017-11-21 17&#x3A;12&#x3A;41 IP Technician - Transferable Iqama <span><b>Company: </b>Fortis HR FZE<br><b>Qualification: </b>High School or Equivalent<br><b>Experience: </b>2 to 6<br><b>location: </b>Riyadh<br><b>Ref: </b> 21554586<br><b>Summary: </b> The SACM Administrator is responsible for the Control of assets in one or more significant area, ensuring that administration of the acquisition, storage, distribution, movement and disposal of....</span> 2017-11-21 17&#x3A;37&#x3A;16 Administrator <span><b>Company: </b>Fortis HR FZE<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>2 to 7<br><b>location: </b>Riyadh<br><b>Ref: </b> 21554724<br><b>Summary: </b> This involves provision and management of the physical environment, including space and power allocation, and environmental monitoring to provide statistics on energy usage.<br></span> 2017-11-21 17&#x3A;52&#x3A;53 Facility Technician <span><b>Company: </b>Fortis HR FZE<br><b>Qualification: </b>High School or Equivalent<br><b>Experience: </b>2 to 6<br><b>location: </b>Riyadh<br><b>Ref: </b> 21554811<br><b>Summary: </b> MAINTENANCE, REPAIR AND CALIBRATION OF ALL PROJECT TEST EQUIPMENT<br></span> 2017-11-21 18&#x3A;01&#x3A;40 TEST EQUIPMENT TECHNICIAN en 2017-12-15 2017-12-15 Jobs