Monster Jobs : Telecom/ ISP <span><b>Company: </b>Emirates Consulting Group<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree&#x2C; Certification/Professional qualification<br><b>Experience: </b>5 to 10<br><b>location: </b>Dubai<br><b>Ref: </b> 16890398<br><b>Summary: </b> To ensure smooth delivery of it services to the end users, through management of all systems installed at the DRA including....</span> 2015-05-13 14&#x3A;36&#x3A;06 Sr. IT Infrastructure <span><b>Company: </b>Confidential<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>8 to 15<br><b>location: </b>Doha<br><b>Ref: </b> 16920708<br><b>Summary: </b> Ensuring successful planning and execution of all projects and initiatives in order to promote and support the growth of the ICT sector in Qatar<br></span> 2015-05-20 11&#x3A;55&#x3A;18 Digital Skills Section Head <span><b>Company: </b>Confidential<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree&#x2C; Master's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>3 to 10<br><b>location: </b>Riyadh<br><b>Ref: </b> 16973662<br><b>Summary: </b> As a member of the clients project professional services team, responsibilities fall into the several categories including RPG code, AS/400 operating system, E2E applications and....</span> 2015-06-01 15&#x3A;31&#x3A;20 E2E Analyst Programmer <span><b>Company: </b>Momenta<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>8 to 15<br><b>location: </b>Other - Qatar<br><b>Ref: </b> 17028534<br><b>Summary: </b> The IP and Security Engineer is responsible for 24/7 operations, support and configuration of IP and security network elements in Vodafone Qatar network. The IP and Security Engineer is also responsible....</span> 2015-06-11 21&#x3A;28&#x3A;45 IP and Security Engineer <span><b>Company: </b>Axiom Telecom<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>3 to 8<br><b>location: </b>Abu Dhabi&#x2C; Dubai<br><b>Ref: </b> 17041208<br><b>Summary: </b> Assisting production manager to build back-end workshop, retail shop machinery / facilities. Coordination with Design team in materializing new products etc..<br></span> 2015-06-15 16&#x3A;15&#x3A;49 Supervisor - Engraving & Stickering <span><b>Company: </b>Sofomation Limited<br><b>Qualification: </b>High School or Equivalent<br><b>Experience: </b>2 to 12<br><b>location: </b>Dubai<br><b>Ref: </b> 17046899<br><b>Summary: </b> Minimum 2 years of experience in outbound sales in Real estate/Banking/Insurance/Call centres<br></span> 2015-06-16 16&#x3A;44&#x3A;00 Activity Executive/Outbound Telesales/Call centre executive <span><b>Company: </b>Confidential<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree&#x2C; Master's Degree&#x2C; Certification/Professional qualification<br><b>Experience: </b>5 to 12<br><b>location: </b>Riyadh<br><b>Ref: </b> 17088092<br><b>Summary: </b> Several openings in Riyadh Saudi Arabia as Project General Manager, Telecom Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Network & Computer Engineer,....</span> 2015-06-25 13&#x3A;27&#x3A;06 Several Positions for Riyadh - Saudi Arabia <span><b>Company: </b>Axiom Telecom<br><b>Qualification: </b>Diploma<br><b>Experience: </b>1 to 2<br><b>location: </b>Riyadh<br><b>Ref: </b> 17135615<br><b>Summary: </b> To coordinate with retail team on trade-in ,perform grade verification , report grade variance , settle the mismatch and coordinate in selling non-phone2 devices.<br></span> 2015-07-06 13&#x3A;58&#x3A;32 Trade In Executive en 2015-07-08 2015-07-08 Jobs