Monster Jobs : <span><b>Company: </b>Aurora Jet Fuel DMCC<br><b>Qualification: </b>Master's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>2 to 8<br><b>location: </b>Dubai<br><b>Ref: </b> 18514170<br><b>Summary: </b> With a growing business and expanding vision of development, an international flight management company wishes to recruit an experienced Personal Assistant to join its team in Dubai office.<br></span> 2016-04-11 15&#x3A;04&#x3A;07 Personal Assistant - Russian speaking <span><b>Company: </b>Darwish Bin Ahmed & Sons<br><b>Qualification: </b>High School or Equivalent<br><b>Experience: </b>2 to 5<br><b>location: </b>Abu Dhabi<br><b>Ref: </b> 18805979<br><b>Summary: </b> Ideal Candidate is responsible to providing assistance to Operator, Painter, Welder & Fabricator in a Steel Manufacturing. <br></span> 2016-06-06 11&#x3A;20&#x3A;24 Technical Helper <span><b>Company: </b>Royal Technology Solution<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>2 to 4<br><b>location: </b>Abu Dhabi<br><b>Ref: </b> 18829517<br><b>Summary: </b> To ensure all Financial Transactions are complying with the Group Financial Policy.To ensure that all the records are accurate<br></span> 2016-06-09 17&#x3A;47&#x3A;52 Accountant <span><b>Company: </b>One Thousand Walls WLL<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>5 to 8<br><b>location: </b>Doha<br><b>Ref: </b> 19445093<br><b>Summary: </b> - 5 Years+ of progressive business development, sales, experience in the construction and/or Fit out and Joinery - Candidate should have a degree &/ or Business Degree in Sales / Marketing major....</span> 2016-10-03 18&#x3A;30&#x3A;38 Business development Executive(Candidates from Interior/Fit out Industries are preferred) <span><b>Company: </b>One Thousand Walls WLL<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>8 to 10<br><b>location: </b>Doha<br><b>Ref: </b> 19445108<br><b>Summary: </b> - 8 Years+ of progressive business development, sales, experience in the construction and/or Fit out Sector - Candidate should have an degree &/ or Business Degree in Sales / Marketing major....</span> 2016-10-03 18&#x3A;33&#x3A;17 Business Development Manager(Candidates from Interior/Fit out Industries are Preferred) <span><b>Company: </b>Fast Rent A Car<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>4 to 10<br><b>location: </b>Abu Dhabi<br><b>Ref: </b> 19480353<br><b>Summary: </b> Responsible for debt collection from corporate customers in Abu Dhabi and western region. The role is to support and reporting function with specific statutory and management accounting functions. <br></span> 2016-10-10 19&#x3A;37&#x3A;21 Accountant - Accounts Receivable - Arabic Nationals Only <span><b>Company: </b>CC Staffing International Ltd<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree&#x2C; Master's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>10 to 15<br><b>location: </b>Riyadh<br><b>Ref: </b> 19482483<br><b>Summary: </b> A Leading Facilities Management company located in Riyadh - Saudi Arabia is looking to hire an experienced Saudi National Procurement Manager.<br></span> 2016-10-11 14&#x3A;13&#x3A;05 Procurement Manager <span><b>Company: </b>Gulf Drug<br><b>Qualification: </b>High School or Equivalent&#x2C; Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>0 to 5<br><b>location: </b>Dubai<br><b>Ref: </b> 19552376<br><b>Summary: </b> Looking for Sales Representatives to be working in well-known Dubai malls selling luxury Spanish cosmetic products. <br></span> 2016-10-19 13&#x3A;59&#x3A;36 Sales Representative - Cosmetics <span><b>Company: </b>Confidential<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>10 to 15<br><b>location: </b>Dubai<br><b>Ref: </b> 19552613<br><b>Summary: </b> We are looking for an experienced CIO (Chief Information Officer) to oversee the use of Information technology (IT) in our company. You will be the one to devise the company’s IT strategy and ensure that ....</span> 2016-10-19 14&#x3A;29&#x3A;04 Chief Information Officer <span><b>Company: </b>Al Maharah Oilfield And Recruitment Services<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>5 to 9<br><b>location: </b>Abu Dhabi<br><b>Ref: </b> 19552967<br><b>Summary: </b> Cleaning, Scraping and painting Offloading pumping lifting gea Moving supplies <br></span> 2016-10-19 15&#x3A;02&#x3A;45 Roustabouts (Onshore & Offshore) <span><b>Company: </b>Royal Technology Solution<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>4 to 9<br><b>location: </b>Abu Dhabi<br><b>Ref: </b> 19553394<br><b>Summary: </b> Sales consultants responsible for product promotion and sales effectiveness.They assist the company teams design promotion and sales strategies by assessing client requirements, market....</span> 2016-10-19 15&#x3A;39&#x3A;50 Oracle Sales Consultant <span><b>Company: </b>Gulf Drug<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>0 to 5<br><b>location: </b>Dubai<br><b>Ref: </b> 19553684<br><b>Summary: </b> Looking for medically qualified sales ladies for home healthcare retail stores<br></span> 2016-10-19 16&#x3A;07&#x3A;26 Sales Assistant - Healthcare <span><b>Company: </b>Apt Resources<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>3 to 3<br><b>location: </b>Abu Dhabi<br><b>Ref: </b> 19554625<br><b>Summary: </b> Job Description will be as the designation says in telecom Industry. Detailed description about the job will be discussed in detail while facing interview.<br></span> 2016-10-19 17&#x3A;43&#x3A;09 Presales Engineer <span><b>Company: </b>MIRA Consulting Bahrain WLL<br><b>Qualification: </b>Diploma<br><b>Experience: </b>8 to 18<br><b>location: </b>Other - Saudi Arabia<br><b>Ref: </b> 19554837<br><b>Summary: </b> Seeking a dynamic General Manager who is able to manage and oversee multiple lines of business and operations for businesses in the food and beverage industry. <br></span> 2016-10-19 18&#x3A;03&#x3A;51 We are looking for a Bahraini candidates for &#x22;General Manager’ to be worked in restaurant in Dammam, <span><b>Company: </b>Fortis HR FZE<br><b>Qualification: </b>High School or Equivalent<br><b>Experience: </b>2 to 6<br><b>location: </b>Riyadh<br><b>Ref: </b> 19555400<br><b>Summary: </b> To provide administrative support, including day-to-day operation of the Prime Contractor’s Quality Assurance system. dditionally, the post-holder will undertake a range of administrative....</span> 2016-10-19 19&#x3A;50&#x3A;24 Administrator - SAUDI Nationals only <span><b>Company: </b>Raqmiyat Information Technology Private Limited<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>4 to 12<br><b>location: </b>Abu Dhabi<br><b>Ref: </b> 19558180<br><b>Summary: </b> Five plus years’ experience & Min 3+ years’ experience with SQL Server Business Intelligence tools especially in Integration Services (SSIS).Expertise in Data....</span> 2016-10-20 11&#x3A;29&#x3A;21 Opening for SSIS professionals for Abu dhabi <span><b>Company: </b>Modern Gardens for Gardens Equipment Trading<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>5 to 7<br><b>location: </b>Abu Dhabi&#x2C; Dubai<br><b>Ref: </b> 19558418<br><b>Summary: </b> - At least 5 years experience in control engineering, including hands-on PLC programming installation/service engineering- Higher education in Control....</span> 2016-10-20 11&#x3A;49&#x3A;52 PLC Programming / PLC Programmer <span><b>Company: </b>GBH International Contracting <br><b>Experience: </b>6 to 10<br><b>location: </b>United Arab Emirates<br><b>Ref: </b> 19558991<br></span> 2016-10-20 12&#x3A;38&#x3A;04 Civil Engineer , 6 - 10 years <span><b>Company: </b>Jobtrack Management Services<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree&#x2C; Master's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>15 to 25<br><b>location: </b>Dubai<br><b>Ref: </b> 19559015<br><b>Summary: </b> Our client is a leading player in the Education Sector engaging in the establishment and operation of private schools and nurseries in the GCC region. They seek to....</span> 2016-10-20 12&#x3A;39&#x3A;48 Operations Director : Support Services - Education / Academics <span><b>Company: </b>Apt Resources<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>3 to 3<br><b>location: </b>Abu Dhabi<br><b>Ref: </b> 19559028<br><b>Summary: </b> Job Description will be as the designation says in Telecom Industry. Detailed description about the job will be discussed in detail while facing Interview.<br></span> 2016-10-20 12&#x3A;41&#x3A;12 Network Engineer <span><b>Company: </b>GBH International Contracting LLC<br><b>Qualification: </b>Certification/Professional qualification<br><b>Experience: </b>3 to 5<br><b>location: </b>Dubai&#x2C; Other - United Arab Emirates<br><b>Ref: </b> 19559102<br><b>Summary: </b> Diploma/ Bachelors in civil engg<br></span> 2016-10-20 12&#x3A;47&#x3A;38 Planning Engineer - Diploma/ Bachelors in civil engg (3 to 5 Yrs Experience) <span><b>Company: </b>On Time Group<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>1 to 6<br><b>location: </b>Dubai<br><b>Ref: </b> 19559177<br><b>Summary: </b> We are looking for Clinical psychologist with DHA License for Home care Centre based in Dubai.Requirement:Candidate must have DHA license or Eligibility.Willing to work full time or part time or Comissions....</span> 2016-10-20 12&#x3A;54&#x3A;11 Clinical psychologist- DHA License <span><b>Company: </b>Emirates International Facility Management LLC<br><b>Qualification: </b>Diploma<br><b>Experience: </b>3 to 6<br><b>location: </b>Abu Dhabi&#x2C; Dubai<br><b>Ref: </b> 19561016<br><b>Summary: </b> HVAC technicians to install and repair home heating and air quality systems including chillers<br></span> 2016-10-20 16&#x3A;07&#x3A;54 HVAC Technician/Mechanic - experienced on Chiller maintenance <span><b>Company: </b>Al Melehy Trading<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>9 to 10<br><b>location: </b>Abu Dhabi<br><b>Ref: </b> 19561619<br><b>Summary: </b> Auditors perform (internal) financial and risk management audits and independent statutory (external) financial audits of commercial and public sector organizations.<br></span> 2016-10-20 17&#x3A;07&#x3A;37 Auditor <span><b>Company: </b>Dubai Sports City<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>2 to 6<br><b>location: </b>Dubai<br><b>Ref: </b> 19562150<br><b>Summary: </b> We are looking to hire a female Guest Relation Executive who will join the F&B team and will be responsible to ensure that all our guests receive an outstanding service from arrival through to....</span> 2016-10-21 00&#x3A;15&#x3A;24 Guest Relation Executive <span><b>Company: </b>IT People<br><b>Experience: </b>9 to 14<br><b>location: </b>Dubai<br><b>Ref: </b> 19562190<br></span> 2016-10-20 18&#x3A;08&#x3A;03 AX,consultant,"AX 2009", 9 - 14 years <span><b>Company: </b>Raqmiyat Information Technology Private Limited<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>4 to 14<br><b>location: </b>Other - Saudi Arabia<br><b>Ref: </b> 19562211<br><b>Summary: </b> looking for SAP Success Factor Professionals for Riyadh,Saudi.5+years of experience in Sr SAP HR & Success Factors Consultant.Minimum 5 years experiences....</span> 2016-10-20 18&#x3A;09&#x3A;59 Opening for SAP Success Factor Professionals for Riyadh <span><b>Company: </b>Jobtrack Management Services<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>2 to 6<br><b>location: </b>Dubai<br><b>Ref: </b> 19562529<br><b>Summary: </b> Must have an experience in Retail Industry<br></span> 2016-10-20 18&#x3A;36&#x3A;26 Graphic Designer <span><b>Company: </b>Jobtrack Management Services<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>2 to 6<br><b>location: </b>Dubai<br><b>Ref: </b> 19562564<br><b>Summary: </b> Merchandise Planners with Retail experience<br></span> 2016-10-20 18&#x3A;41&#x3A;13 Merchandise Planner <span><b>Company: </b>Jobtrack Management Services<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>2 to 5<br><b>location: </b>Abu Dhabi<br><b>Ref: </b> 19562673<br><b>Summary: </b> Experience handling Admissions in a school or other educational institute<br></span> 2016-10-20 18&#x3A;57&#x3A;14 Admissions Officer - Education <span><b>Company: </b>Inscribe HR Consulting FZ LLE<br><b>Experience: </b>2 to 15<br><b>location: </b>United Arab Emirates<br><b>Ref: </b> 19562938<br></span> 2016-10-20 20&#x3A;45&#x3A;35 Job Description - Relationship Manager in Dubai <span><b>Company: </b>IT People<br><b>Experience: </b>4 to 6<br><b>location: </b>United Arab Emirates<br><b>Ref: </b> 19565507<br></span> 2016-10-21 12&#x3A;17&#x3A;09 Electronic,Technician,CCTV,EPABX,TEL,SYSTEMS,Networking,T.V.,Sound,System, 4 - 6 years <span><b>Company: </b>Confidential<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>3 to 13<br><b>location: </b>Dubai<br><b>Ref: </b> 19566355<br><b>Summary: </b> A 9-12K salary + plus car + plus commission awaits you if you have at least 3 years of proven experience in an external sales role in the furniture or hospitality supplies industry, a UAE driving license....</span> 2016-10-21 13&#x3A;40&#x3A;03 Assistant Sales Manager <span><b>Company: </b>Sofomation Energy<br><b>Qualification: </b>Master's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>6 to 16<br><b>location: </b>Other - Saudi Arabia<br><b>Ref: </b> 19567861<br><b>Summary: </b> We have opening for Saudi Arabia opening for doctors <br></span> 2016-10-21 16&#x3A;41&#x3A;36 Opening for Saudi Arabia For Cardio thoracic surgery <span><b>Company: </b>Sofomation Energy<br><b>Qualification: </b>Master's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>5 to 15<br><b>location: </b>Other - United Arab Emirates&#x2C; Other - Oman<br><b>Ref: </b> 19568155<br><b>Summary: </b> Reproductive/Endoscopy/Infertility Experience Must<br></span> 2016-10-21 17&#x3A;19&#x3A;02 IVF Specialist or Consultant <span><b>Company: </b>Sofomation Energy<br><b>Qualification: </b>Master's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>5 to 15<br><b>location: </b>Other - United Arab Emirates<br><b>Ref: </b> 19568375<br><b>Summary: </b> Candidate should be expertise in DELIVERY, HISTECTOMY, OPD, IPD, LAPROSCOPY<br></span> 2016-10-21 17&#x3A;42&#x3A;25 Specialist Gynecologist/MOH LICENSED <span><b>Company: </b>Sofomation Energy<br><b>Qualification: </b>Master's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>5 to 15<br><b>location: </b>Other - United Arab Emirates&#x2C; Other - Oman<br><b>Ref: </b> 19568520<br><b>Summary: </b> Reproductive/Endoscopy/Infertility Experience Must<br></span> 2016-10-21 17&#x3A;54&#x3A;16 Urgent Opening for Oman/Qatar/Western Region - IVF Specialist or Consultant <span><b>Company: </b>Sofomation Energy<br><b>Qualification: </b>Doctorate<br><b>Experience: </b>5 to 15<br><b>location: </b>Other - Qatar&#x2C; Other - Oman<br><b>Ref: </b> 19568936<br><b>Summary: </b> &#x3E; Specialised gynaecology skills, a strong interest infertility treatments and a willingness to learn arepre-requisite requirements of this role.&#x3E; Understanding and empathy ....</span> 2016-10-21 18&#x3A;52&#x3A;10 IVF Specialist/ Consultant <span><b>Company: </b>Sofomation Energy<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>20 to 28<br><b>location: </b>Other - Qatar&#x2C; Al Kuwait<br><b>Ref: </b> 19569024<br><b>Summary: </b> seismic acquisition processing technologies and fully conversant and capable in seismic interpretation (and appreciate the limits and possible variances of data acquisition....</span> 2016-10-21 19&#x3A;05&#x3A;01 Exclusive Opening for Sr Geophysicist <span><b>Company: </b>CC Staffing International Ltd<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>2 to 6<br><b>location: </b>Riyadh<br><b>Ref: </b> 19569111<br><b>Summary: </b> Required a Female Trainer - Arabic native for a Leading Insurance Co. in Riyadh - KSA. Please check the job details on our job portal at and apply.<br></span> 2016-10-21 19&#x3A;28&#x3A;26 Female Trainer en 2016-10-22 2016-10-22 Jobs