Monster Jobs : <span><b>Company: </b>West Recruit<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>2 to 10<br><b>location: </b>Abu Dhabi<br><b>Ref: </b> 14292519<br><b>Summary: </b> Our client a private clinic in Abu Dhabi providing first class healthcare services is looking for a Dental Nurse.The candidate need to have a valid license to practice and a valid HAAD license would be....</span> 2013-11-24 11&#x3A;42&#x3A;13 Dental Nurses/Dental Assistant <span><b>Company: </b>Manpower Middle East<br><b>Qualification: </b>Certification/Professional qualification<br><b>Experience: </b>0 to 10<br><b>location: </b>Other - Saudi Arabia<br><b>Ref: </b> 15089273<br><b>Summary: </b> Key skills and qualifications of a Business Development Professional role A proven background in business developmentsales management is a must.A proven....</span> 2014-04-29 14&#x3A;00&#x3A;28 Business Development Manager KSA e-commerce <span><b>Company: </b>Departer FZC<br><b>Experience: </b>0 to 10<br><b>location: </b>Other - United Arab Emirates<br><b>Ref: </b> 15271225<br><b>Summary: </b> Regionalverkaufsleiter (m/w)Zu Ihren Aufgaben geh&#246;ren u.a.:Optimierung eines wirksamen und effizienten Vertriebs f&#252;r den BereichIndustrie (produzierende Unternehmen)Technische und Kaufm&#228;nnische Beratungund....</span> 2014-06-05 02&#x3A;03&#x3A;02 Regionalverkaufsleiter (m/w) <span><b>Company: </b>Departer FZC<br><b>Experience: </b>0 to 10<br><b>location: </b>Other - United Arab Emirates<br><b>Ref: </b> 15271227<br><b>Summary: </b> Manager (m/w) UnternehmensberatungZu Ihren Aufgaben geh&#246;ren u.a.:Planung, Durchf&#252;hrung und Leitungvon Teil- und GesamtprojektenAnalyse von Problemstellungen, Entwicklungvon L&#246;sungen, Bewertung und Optimierung....</span> 2014-06-05 02&#x3A;03&#x3A;02 Manager (m/w) Unternehmensberatung <span><b>Company: </b>Departer FZC<br><b>Experience: </b>0 to 10<br><b>location: </b>Other - United Arab Emirates<br><b>Ref: </b> 15271229<br><b>Summary: </b> Verfahrensingenieur/-konstrukteur (m/w) im Bereich Gasdosierung Zu Ihren Aufgaben geh&#246;ren u.a.:Entwicklung und (Neu-)Konstruktion von Ger&#228;ten zum Einbau in Anlagen (Klein-und Gro&#223;anlagen) zur Gasdosierung,....</span> 2014-06-05 02&#x3A;03&#x3A;02 Verfahrensingenieur/-konstrukteur (m/w) im Bereich Gasdosierung <span><b>Company: </b>Departer FZC<br><b>Experience: </b>0 to 10<br><b>location: </b>Other - United Arab Emirates<br><b>Ref: </b> 15271232<br><b>Summary: </b> Strategischer Eink&#228;ufer (m/w)F&#252;r unseren Klienten suchen wir einen dynamischen Mitarbeiter imstrategischen internationalen Einkauf. Sie &#252;bernehmen mit ihrem Team s&#228;mtlicheBeschaffungsaktivit&#228;ten....</span> 2014-06-05 02&#x3A;03&#x3A;03 Strategischer Eink&#228;ufer (m/w) <span><b>Company: </b>Departer FZC<br><b>Experience: </b>0 to 10<br><b>location: </b>Dubai<br><b>Ref: </b> 15271236<br><b>Summary: </b> Technical 3D CAD Engineer (m/f)Your duties and responsibilities will include:Assist the team with layout and design for a new project Liaise directly with clients with regard to design and technical issues Supervise and control CAD operations....</span> 2014-06-05 02&#x3A;03&#x3A;03 Technical 3D CAD Engineer (m/f) <span><b>Company: </b>Departer FZC<br><b>Experience: </b>0 to 10<br><b>location: </b>Other - United Arab Emirates<br><b>Ref: </b> 15271239<br><b>Summary: </b> Entwicklungsingenieur/-konstrukteur (m/w) Pumpen- und AntriebstechnikZu Ihren Aufgaben geh&#246;ren u.a.:Entwicklung und Konstruktion von Pumpen, insbesondere Fasspumpen(Doppelmembran-. Kreiselpumpen und....</span> 2014-06-05 02&#x3A;03&#x3A;04 Entwicklungsingenieur/-konstrukteur (m/w) Pumpen- und Antriebstechnik <span><b>Company: </b>Departer FZC<br><b>Experience: </b>0 to 10<br><b>location: </b>Other - United Arab Emirates<br><b>Ref: </b> 15271240<br><b>Summary: </b> Product Engineer RFQ &amp; Cost Optimization (m/w)Zu Ihren Aufgaben geh&#246;ren u.a.:Entwicklung vonKfz-Bordnetzsystemen f&#252;r den Kunden VWUnterst&#252;tzung der AbteilungenSales und Costing in der RFQ-PhaseAnalyse von....</span> 2014-06-05 02&#x3A;03&#x3A;04 Product Engineer RFQ & Cost Optimization (m/w) <span><b>Company: </b>Departer FZC<br><b>Experience: </b>4 to 14<br><b>location: </b>Dubai<br><b>Ref: </b> 15271241<br><b>Summary: </b> Trade Lane Manager (m/f) Germany &amp; HollandYour duties and responsibilities will include:Development and management of revenue for route (Germany/Holland - MiddleEast: Bahrain, Qatar &amp; UAE) Develop new customers and key accounts in assigned....</span> 2014-06-05 02&#x3A;03&#x3A;04 Trade Lane Manager (m/f) Germany & Holland <span><b>Company: </b>Departer FZC<br><b>Experience: </b>0 to 10<br><b>location: </b>Other - United Arab Emirates<br><b>Ref: </b> 15271243<br><b>Summary: </b> Entwicklungsingenieur/-konstrukteur (m/w) DosiertechnikZu Ihren Aufgaben geh&#246;ren u.a.:Entwicklung und Konstruktion von Pumpen, insbesondere Dosierpumpen, undderen Zubeh&#246;r&nbsp;&nbsp;Analyse, Optimierung und....</span> 2014-06-05 02&#x3A;03&#x3A;04 Entwicklungsingenieur/-konstrukteur (m/w) Dosiertechnik <span><b>Company: </b>Mashreq Bank<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>0 to 3<br><b>location: </b>Doha<br><b>Ref: </b> 15288634<br><b>Summary: </b> The Regulatory Reporting Manager role is an important role which ensures that the mandatory required reporting to made to the Qatar Central Bank (QCB) & Credit Bureau (CB).<br></span> 2014-06-09 11&#x3A;45&#x3A;18 Regulatory Reporting Manager - Qatar <span><b>Company: </b>Sofomation Limited<br><b>Qualification: </b>Diploma<br><b>Experience: </b>11 to 15<br><b>location: </b>Other - Oman<br><b>Ref: </b> 15711440<br><b>Summary: </b> &#x27;Civil Supervisor&#x27;<br></span> 2014-09-01 11&#x3A;44&#x3A;22 Civil Supervisor <span><b>Company: </b>Sofomation Limited<br><b>Qualification: </b>Diploma<br><b>Experience: </b>11 to 15<br><b>location: </b>Other - Oman<br><b>Ref: </b> 15711488<br><b>Summary: </b> &#x27;Civil Foreman&#x27;<br></span> 2014-09-01 11&#x3A;49&#x3A;25 Civil Foreman <span><b>Company: </b>Sofomation Limited<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>11 to 15<br><b>location: </b>Other - Oman<br><b>Ref: </b> 15711560<br><b>Summary: </b> &#x27;civil engineer&#x27;<br></span> 2014-09-01 11&#x3A;55&#x3A;31 Civil Engineer <span><b>Company: </b>HR Source Consulting<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>2 to 4<br><b>location: </b>Dubai<br><b>Ref: </b> 15712005<br><b>Summary: </b> A female Accountant is required for a leading international consumer goods company based in Dubai. The role offers good career prospects in the long run.<br></span> 2014-09-01 12&#x3A;40&#x3A;08 Accountant - Global FMCG Company - Females Only <span><b>Company: </b>Samsung C And T Engineering And Construction Group<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree&#x2C; Diploma<br><b>Experience: </b>4 to 8<br><b>location: </b>Abu Dhabi<br><b>Ref: </b> 15712524<br><b>Summary: </b> Key CompetenciesThe following competencies have been identified as key drivers for success in this role:Accounting experienceDrive for ResultsFinancial ....</span> 2014-09-01 13&#x3A;47&#x3A;40 Female Accountant payable (B. Com/ M.Com) with hands on experience in SAP required as Accountant <span><b>Company: </b>Manpower Middle East<br><b>Qualification: </b>Certification/Professional qualification<br><b>Experience: </b>0 to 10<br><b>location: </b>Dubai<br><b>Ref: </b> 15712861<br><b>Summary: </b> Candidate must have at least 1-2 years of administrative work experience and should be under Husband'sFather's visa. <br></span> 2014-09-01 14&#x3A;23&#x3A;25 Temporary Office Administrator <span><b>Company: </b>Manpower Middle East<br><b>Qualification: </b>Certification/Professional qualification<br><b>Experience: </b>0 to 10<br><b>location: </b>Dubai<br><b>Ref: </b> 15712862<br><b>Summary: </b> Job description Sr Finance Associate- Accounting and Controlling Accounts Payables Review received invoices based on compliance requirements (supporting docs) Process invoices ....</span> 2014-09-01 14&#x3A;23&#x3A;26 Senior Finance Associate <span><b>Company: </b>Manpower Middle East<br><b>Qualification: </b>Certification/Professional qualification<br><b>Experience: </b>0 to 10<br><b>location: </b>Dubai<br><b>Ref: </b> 15712863<br><b>Summary: </b> ESSENTIAL KNOWLEDGE SKILLS AND EXPERIENCEHave a good standard of education preferably to degree level and a minimum of three years relevant experience of working in higher....</span> 2014-09-01 14&#x3A;23&#x3A;26 Student Support Manager <span><b>Company: </b> - Gulf<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>2 to 5<br><b>location: </b>Riyadh<br><b>Ref: </b> 15712936<br><b>Summary: </b> Reporting to the Branch Manager the incumbent will be responsible for acquisition new business and sales management for the assigned territory / accounts. The job involves planning and execution of....</span> 2014-09-01 14&#x3A;33&#x3A;37 &#x22;Business Development&#x22;,&#x22;corporate sales&#x22;,&#x22;client acquisition&#x22;,&#x22;solution selling&#x22;,&#x22;concept selling&#x22; <span><b>Company: </b>Axiom Telecom<br><b>Qualification: </b>High School or Equivalent<br><b>Experience: </b>1 to 3<br><b>location: </b>Abu Dhabi&#x2C; Dubai<br><b>Ref: </b> 15713352<br><b>Summary: </b> Responsible for the delivery and collection of stock between the warehouse and customers and/or stores.<br></span> 2014-09-01 15&#x3A;23&#x3A;42 Motor Bike Rider <span><b>Company: </b>Axiom Telecom<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>7 to 10<br><b>location: </b>Dubai<br><b>Ref: </b> 15713830<br><b>Summary: </b> Retail Area Manager in operator retail will develop and lead the retail sales team to ensure achievement of stores/kiosks revenue targets, operational goals and 100% customer satisfaction.<br></span> 2014-09-01 16&#x3A;23&#x3A;08 Retail Area Manager <span><b>Company: </b>MIRA Consulting Bahrain WLL<br><b>Qualification: </b>Diploma<br><b>Experience: </b>2 to 5<br><b>location: </b>Other - Bahrain<br><b>Ref: </b> 15713880<br><b>Summary: </b> To process, communicate & Manage dispatching & back office CRM services in dispatching centers located within electricity/water maintenance depots.<br></span> 2014-09-01 16&#x3A;30&#x3A;10 Dispatching & Back Office CRM Service Resources <span><b>Company: </b>Ally International Travel Service<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>1 to 10<br><b>location: </b>Abu Dhabi<br><b>Ref: </b> 15713904<br><b>Summary: </b> Our Client, a 100 % owned Subsidiary of a well reputed Bank based in UAE is looking For Data Processor in Abu Dhabi<br></span> 2014-09-01 16&#x3A;32&#x3A;40 Hiring Data Processor for a Bank in Abu Dhabi <span><b>Company: </b>Reed Qatar<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>10 to 15<br><b>location: </b>Abu Dhabi<br><b>Ref: </b> 15713954<br><b>Summary: </b> Position conducts marketing strategies in support of business decisions relating to the clientele network development and operating efforts of the company.<br></span> 2014-09-01 16&#x3A;38&#x3A;34 Marketing Strategy Planning Manager - Abu Dhabi <span><b>Company: </b>HR Source Consulting<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>5 to 7<br><b>location: </b>Dubai<br><b>Ref: </b> 15713987<br><b>Summary: </b> An opportunity has arisen for the position of Purchasing and Stock Controller, responsible for the management and lead of purchasing and stock control and associated processes. <br></span> 2014-09-01 16&#x3A;41&#x3A;59 Stock Controller (Buyer) - Large Retail Group <span><b>Company: </b>Intragulf<br><b>Qualification: </b>High School or Equivalent&#x2C; Certification/Professional qualification<br><b>Experience: </b>2 to 7<br><b>location: </b>Other - Bahrain<br><b>Ref: </b> 15714279<br><b>Summary: </b> Trainee accountant required to support finance manager for one branch operation. Deals with food and beverage, sports and social....</span> 2014-09-01 17&#x3A;07&#x3A;35 Accounts Assistant <span><b>Company: </b>KEO International Consultants<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>8 to 18<br><b>location: </b>Other - Qatar<br><b>Ref: </b> 15714392<br><b>Summary: </b> Senior Structural Engineer (Design Management) working on a Stadium for the 2022 World Cup.<br></span> 2014-09-01 17&#x3A;22&#x3A;38 Senior Structural Engineer (Design Management) <span><b>Company: </b>Mind Pool Technologies<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>4 to 6<br><b>location: </b>Doha<br><b>Ref: </b> 15714560<br><b>Summary: </b> We need an HR Generalist (Female) with 4-5 years of experience and good comm skills.<br></span> 2014-09-01 17&#x3A;40&#x3A;04 HR Generalist (Female) <span><b>Company: </b>Zamil Industrial<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>5 to 10<br><b>location: </b>Dammam<br><b>Ref: </b> 15714688<br><b>Summary: </b> Manage the timely provision of preventive and corrective maintenance services within the allocated resources and targets in order to ensure the utmost provision of support to the production team in....</span> 2014-09-01 17&#x3A;54&#x3A;00 Maintenance Manager (Consumer Product) <span><b>Company: </b>Mind Pool Technologies<br><b>Qualification: </b>Master's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>8 to 12<br><b>location: </b>Dubai<br><b>Ref: </b> 15714705<br><b>Summary: </b> Onsite Opportunity for Oracle Presales Consultant with Tier 1 IT company.<br></span> 2014-09-01 17&#x3A;55&#x3A;43 Oracle Presales Consultant <span><b>Company: </b>Zamil Industrial<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>5 to 10<br><b>location: </b>Dammam<br><b>Ref: </b> 15714872<br><b>Summary: </b> Supervise the different activities in the Project Site in monitoring the compliance of each and every Project team to the Project Plan and standards in accordance with Company Policies and....</span> 2014-09-01 18&#x3A;09&#x3A;58 Site Engineer(zamil Project) <span><b>Company: </b>Zamil Industrial<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>5 to 10<br><b>location: </b>Dammam<br><b>Ref: </b> 15714907<br><b>Summary: </b> Plan and organize the execution of the Project’s different activities in order to ensure all Project’s / contract’s deliverables are accomplished in compliance with the Company and Customer’s....</span> 2014-09-01 18&#x3A;13&#x3A;41 Project Manager (Zamil Project) <span><b>Company: </b>Mind Pool Technologies<br><b>Qualification: </b>Master's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>10 to 12<br><b>location: </b>Dubai<br><b>Ref: </b> 15714921<br><b>Summary: </b> Senior Partner Consultant / ERP Consultant with Tier 1 IT company.<br></span> 2014-09-01 18&#x3A;15&#x3A;13 Senior Partner Consultant / ERP Consultant <span><b>Company: </b>Meydan Sobha LLC-FZ<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree&#x2C; Master's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>7 to 15<br><b>location: </b>Dubai<br><b>Ref: </b> 15715030<br><b>Summary: </b> Provide technical assistance in design and development of assigned projects. <br></span> 2014-09-01 18&#x3A;27&#x3A;14 project engineer <span><b>Company: </b>Abantia Tempo<br><b>Qualification: </b>Diploma<br><b>Experience: </b>5 to 12<br><b>location: </b>Other - Qatar<br><b>Ref: </b> 15715042<br><b>Summary: </b> Auto CAD Draftsman(Mechanical/Electrical/MEP) position is fully responsible for Design and AutoCAD Drafting Shop Drawings, As Built drawings for MEP Projects related to MEP construction company.<br></span> 2014-09-01 18&#x3A;28&#x3A;12 Auto CAD MEP and Electrical Draughtsman`s <span><b>Company: </b>Cummins Middle East FZE<br><b>Qualification: </b>Master's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>7 to 10<br><b>location: </b>Dubai<br><b>Ref: </b> 15715527<br><b>Summary: </b> This role will be reporting to the Design Engineering Manager and will apply specialized knowledge of engineering principles and practices across various areas and projects in the design,....</span> 2014-09-01 19&#x3A;18&#x3A;44 Lead Design Engineer <span><b>Company: </b>Abantia Tempo<br><b>Qualification: </b>Bachelor's Degree<br><b>Experience: </b>5 to 10<br><b>location: </b>Other - Qatar<br><b>Ref: </b> 15715662<br><b>Summary: </b> A planning engineer is responsible to develop best methods for construction activities, and determining the optimal sequence of operations on the construction site. <br></span> 2014-09-01 20&#x3A;30&#x3A;05 Planning Engineer <span><b>Company: </b>Commercial Bank of Dubai<br><b>Experience: </b>0 to 50<br><b>location: </b>Dubai<br><b>Ref: </b> 15716065<br><b>Summary: </b> Front line job for managing both borrowing & non-borrowing SME clients. Maintain & manage an assigned portfolio of SMEs in a professional & profitable manner. Grow assigned SME portfolio in line wit<br></span> 2014-09-02 08&#x3A;01&#x3A;06 Business Relationship Manager, Ladies Banking en 2014-09-02 2014-09-02 Jobs